Saturday, January 30, 2010

How Much Does A Database Design Cost How Much Does It Cost To Create A Data Management System For My Company?

How much does it cost to create a data management system for my company? - how much does a database design cost

I have a database of sales, customer and inventory data contains. What is the approximate cost for me to purchase or design a system of data management?


Charles Crume said...

Check out It has a lot of "bells and whistles" for antique malls, but tracks sales, customers, and inventory.

It might just suit your purposes.

Diamond said...

I recommend asking these people:
As far as I know, their prices are relatively low.

Jacob said...

Google ... I refer to Cart Yahoo e-commerce. ",,
Zen Cart

etc. etc.

Take time to implement, however, great everything -.

In case you do not recognize a system for managing data (usually as a CMS - Content Management System) is an advanced program. It is not easy to use, implement, and certainly not easy to build from scratch. So you know what you ...

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